DB/Media Sync

Sync your Staging/Develop sites with Production

Every 1st of each month at Midnight UTC, a script automatically syncs the database from Production to Staging and Production to Develop. So, changes in staging and develop will be overwritten.

Part of our CI workflows includes the ability to manually trigger a script that will sync data from the Production site to Staging and Develop.

To run the process, you need to have access to CircleCI.


  1. Find and click on your planet4-<rno>

  2. Find and click on the latest sync-from-production pipeline

  3. Rerun it by clicking on "Rerun" > "Rerun workflow from start"

For this sync process, note that:

  • It does a full overwrite. It makes your staging (and develop) websites a full clone of your production website.

  • If you have any content in your staging (or develop) websites that you want to keep, don’t run it, as it will be deleted

  • At the moment the script runs both syncs (from Production to Staging and from Production to Develop) at the same time. We cannot run only one of the two.

  • At the moment the script does not do any cleanup of users. All users existing on your production website will become the users of your staging and develop websites.

  • The opposite (copying from staging to production) is not possible.