[ADR-0001] Use Gitbook for Technical Documentation

Decided to move to Gitbook all Technical documentation (Development & Infrastructure)

  • Status: accepted

  • Deciders: Engineering Team

Context and Problem Statement

Currently Technical Documentation lives in the Handbook, with an entry point and everything else organized under the Development tag. On the other hand Gitbook is a platform specifically for maintaining documentation, based on Markdown. We created a Planet 4 space in GP Gitbook account to test how a potential structure of our documentation would look.

Decision Drivers

  • Community Management Team should be consulted, since this affects the internal development community too.

Considered Options

  • Move to Gitbook

  • Stay in the Handbook

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: Decided to move to Gitbook all Technical documentation (Development & Infrastructure)

Pros and Cons of the Options

Move to Gitbook

  • Good, because Gitbook is meant to be used as a documentation platform providing better UI/UX for that task.

  • Good, because docs can be grouped in categories, or browsed as a series of a guide, creating a user journey.

  • Good, because it’s connected and synced with a public Github repo, so it’s easy for an external contributor to update the documentation by opening a Pull Request.

  • Good, because the documentation on the repo is just Markdown so we are not locked into Gitbook, if we ever choose to leave.

  • Good, because it’s the choice of other teams in the Org (eg. Global Support), so people can discover it easier but they are also used to it.

Stay in the Handbook

  • Good, because everything regarding P4 is in one place.

  • Bad, because the perception is that the Handbook is for internal audience. That’s not always the case for the technical documentation.

  • Bad, because we sometimes need to do custom development just for the Handbook.

Bad, because it demands manual styling customization for technical documentation (e.g scripts/coding pieces) or instructions.

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