[ADR-0009] Include Media Library in master theme

Rewrite the code as a part of master theme.

  • Status: accepted

  • Deciders: P4 Engineering Team

Technical Story: Our plugin for integrating with the GPI media library has sufficient technical debt to justify a (near) full overhaul. Since we want to offer this functionality to all NROs, it seems we don’t need to offer it as a plugin and can just include it in our master theme, thereby reducing maintenance overhead.

Context and Problem Statement

A rewrite would solve multiple issues we’re currently experiencing.

Current issues:

  • Integration with the post editor not working (probably since after Gutenberg transition)

  • Doesn’t work well with WP modals (is a modal itself, opened on top of a modal).

  • A few larger and lots of small UX and performance bugs. See issues linked to this ticket https://jira.greenpeace.org/browse/PLANET-5110.

  • Lots of small fixes were applied, gradually making the code more complex.

  • Uses jQuery.

  • Some duplication of code in master theme.

  • Credentials stored in settings.

  • Coding standards are behind our other code.

  • Dead code.

  • Naming conflicts with WP Media Library (both in code and for users) can cause confusion.

Migration trajectory:

  1. Find a good new name so we can use this consistently from the start to avoid additional renaming. (Suggestion from Kelli and Multimedia editors: "Greenpeace Image Archive" or "GP Image Archive" for short)

  2. Add a setting to use the new version instead of the old plugin. Will be false for all NROs

  3. Develop the new implementation in master-theme. Original plugin stays in use, but new code can already be merged as it won’t be used.

  4. When the new version is stable, switch one or a few NROs to it.

  5. Fix any issues that came up for those NROs.

  6. Switch all NROs to the new version.

  7. Remove the old plugin.

Considered Options

  1. Rewrite the code as a part of the master theme (preferred option)

  2. Rewrite the code but keep as a separate plugin

  3. Do incremental refactors on the existing plugin

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: Rewrite the code as a part of master theme.

Pros and Cons of the Options

[option 1] Rewrite the code as a part of the master theme (preferred option)

  • Good, because the code requires a lot of changes, which can’t be done efficiently in an incremental way.

  • Good, because the media library code is coupled with, and has common dependencies with and inside of the code in the master theme

  • Good, because it gives an opportunity to rename the feature, which is needed because the naming conflict with WP’s media library causes confusion.

  • Bad, because it does make it a bit harder to offer this functionality separate from our theme if the need for that would arise in the future.

[option 2] Rewrite the code but keep as a separate plugin

  • Bad, because there currently is no need to offer this functionality separate from planet4 sites.

  • Good, because it would keep open the possibility of offering the functionality separately.

  • Good, because it can use WP plugin API to enable/disable (though 1. We don’t really need that, and 2. This is not very hard to achieve in another way e.g. adding a WP option).

  • Bad, because we need to maintain one more separate code base.

  • Bad, because it increases the CI times.

[option 3] Do incremental refactors on the existing plugin

  • Same arguments as option 2.

  • Bad, because the code has too much technical debt and requires large changes anyway. This technical debt stands in the way of being able to do small improvements efficiently.

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