End-to-end Tests

Testing functionality with End-to-end tests

For end-to-end testing we use Playwright which is the tool that WordPress is soon going to be using for their own tests.

A very simple test might look like this:

const { test, expect } = require('@playwright/test');

test('check the 404 page', async ({ page }) => {
  const response = await page.goto('/thispagereallywillnotexist');

  // Check the page status.
  // Make sure the search input is there.
  await expect(page.locator('input[aria-label="Search"]')).toBeVisible();

For now we can only run these tests on local environments, but we will soon add them to our CI as well.

Running tests locally

Assuming your local development environment is already up and running, you first need to install test dependencies.

This only needs to happen once:

npm run env:e2e-install

To run all the tests just run:

npm run env:e2e

If you want to run individual tests it's easiest to go inside the relevant repo folder and pick the test you want to run:

cd planet4/themes/planet4-master-theme
npx playwright test tests/e2e/search.spec.js

Test results

At the end of the tests run a browser will open with the full test results report. Failing tests will have a screenshot on the step that failed.


You can use the --debug flag in order to debug your test(s), as follows:

npx playwright test --debug

VS Code

If you use VS Code as your editor, there is a really handy package that you can use for all things Playwright!

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