Visual Regression Tests

How to add extra visual regression tests for your website

Planet 4 is setup to run automated visual regression tests on each deployment pipeline.

But you can also add extra scenarios to test other parts of your website. To do so add a file called backstop-pages.json with a scenarios array. There is probably already one.

The format and available options can be seen at the backstopjs documentation. The simplest form of the file should include a label and a URL for each page, like the following:

  "scenarios": [
      "label": "Planet4 NRO Explore page",
      "url": "https://APP_HOSTNAME/APP_HOSTPATH/explore/",
      "delay": 4000,
      "misMatchThreshold": 3

It's important to add these delay and misMatchThreshold values. These have been tested to be sane defaults.

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